Basic functions


ARCalendar shows the events of one or more Google calendars on your windows desktop. These might be either private of public calendars, like the calendar of holidays which is provided by Google.

ARCalendar is most suitable for users which only have a limited number of appointments and events each day.


Each day with events is shown as separate dayfields which contain the date, the weekday name and the events for this day. On mondays, the weeknumber is shown as well. At the beginning of each month the change of month is indicated by a monthnamefield.
Alternatively to the detailed view, an overview is available which shows fields for each month.


Month overview field

All data is downloaded from the Google calendar server and is stored on your computer. It is recommended to organize your events in multiple calendars. In that case you can show e.g. private and business events in different colour.

The local data is updated automatically in regular intervals. To reduce the data traffic, only events up to one month in the past are downloaded. Additionally the number of future events downloaded is limited.
Since the data is downloaded to your computer, it can still be shown if no connection to the internet exists.

You can create and edit your events through dialogs of ARCalendar. These events will be uploaded or updated to Google. If no connection to the internet exists, newly created events will be queued and uploaded when a connection to the internet is available, again.

At each start of the program the calender shows an overview of all events for the current day (if any). For timed events a reminder dialog is shown 15 minutes prior to the event.


A print function allows to print overview calendars in page size that show all events of one year on one page. Only four events per day can be shown in this overview due to limited space.


So you can download ARCalender, here.


The native language of ARCalendar is German. However, the menus an tools can also be shown in other languages using language files residing in the programm directory. The English language file is mantained by the author. Since development of DMEX passes on, not all terms in these language files are always in sync with the program. Therefore, it might happen that parts of the program appear in German.

Translate ARCalendar

If you wish to translate ARCalendar to another language just copy the file "English (9).lng" to "Your_language (id).lng" where Your_language stands for the name of your language e.g. Francais or Espagnol and id is the langugae identifier constant as found here (e.g. Spanish is 10 and French is 11). Then open the file in any text editor (e.g. notepad.exe) and replace the English translations which are on the right side of the German original texts (on the right side of the equal sign). Do not change the German part on the left side of the equal sign.

Share your language

If you translated ARCalendar to your language you may want to share your translation. Send me a copy of your language file and I will add it to the setup.