By downloading ARCalendar you accept the license agreement.
The current version is 1.2 (1.502kb).
To download ARCalendar click here.


Extract the downloaded archive and execute the setup program.

Learn the first steps you have to do after installing ARCalendar.


To uninstall ARCalendar use the deinstallation program from the Windows system control.

System changes

ARCalendar is copying its files to the program directory selected during installation. Downloaded local calendar data is stored under "Appdata\ARCalendar". This data has to be removed manually after deinstallation.

The configuration is stored in the registry under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ARCalendar". If ARCalender is used under multiple user accounts, this data is removed for the current user only during deinstallation. The data has to be removed manually for all other users. This is a standard windows behaviour.