How to use

DMEX tool menu

The DMEX Tool menu can be accessed from the strawberry icon in the tray notification area. You can also press the shortcut Ctrl-F1 to show the menu if the active window is an explorer window. To show all available shortcuts you can press Ctrl-Shift-F1. The list is also shown here.

If you left click on the icon the tool menu is shown. Right clicking shows the configuration menu and allows to open the Configuration Dialog and a double click shows a dialog with the information of the currently assigned shortcuts.
The content of the tool menu is depending on the situation.

The tool menu looks like the following:

Arrange Explorer Windows

File Operations

Change to...




Most functions can be used without the menu by creating shortcuts on the desktop. If you for example would like to have a shortcut that automatically arranges two explorer windows side by side do the following:

You can copy the link also to the Taskbar, Startmenu or Autostart group...

More information

More information can also be found in the online version of the DMEX Helpfile. Please note that following this link will quit the context of this homepage.