Diese Seite ist zur Zeit nur in Englisch vorhanden. Das Programm ist aber trotzdem in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.


Have you ever used the Windows Explorer and thought that this or that functionality is missing? Well, I did. And do you prefer to use the Windows Explorer over other file managers since this is the common file manager in every windows version, but you do not want to miss some functionality? Well. I do.

If you agree DMEX is definitely a program for you.

DMEX is a small utility that resides in the tray area and adds additional functionality to the windows explorer by the DMEX Toolmenu. It is the successor of the programs DMEXMenu from the 90ies and DMEXBar from the 00's. If you know one of these programs you know most of the functions. However, while these two were explorer addons, DMEXTools are standalone utilities communicating with the explorer that can be used independently.

To access the DMEX toolmenu you can either use the strawberry icon in the tray area or press Ctrl-F1 in any active explorer window. To show all available shortcuts you can press Ctrl-Shift-F1.

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DMEXBar/DMEXMenu two ancestor tools, written for older versions of Microsoft Windows.